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Stationery & Art

Mini Mechanical PencilMini Mechanical Pencil
These party favors will really click with kids! Sold in packages of 24, our mini mechanical pencils come in a variety of glittering colors. Each pencil contains 3 pieces of lead and features a no-slip rubber grip to prevent writing cramps. Award them as prizes or pass them out as party favors at your child's next birthday bash.

Mini PenMini Pen
Kids can doodle in style with our mini neon pens. Each package of 12 pens come in an assortment of colors. Coordinate them with our notepads or award them as prizes! Ages 5 and up.

Paw Print PencilPaw Print Pencil
Sold individually, our paw print pencils feature an adorable all-over paw print design in black on a white, round pencil with eraser. Perfect for favor bags or for back to school! Ages 3 and up.

Polka Dot PenPolka Dot Pen
This chubby, ball point pen has a cool modern shape that your daughter and her friends will love! Features retractable point and pocket clip. Each package includes 6 pens in five assorted fashion colors.

Popsicle PencilPopsicle Pencil
These delicious looking pencils are quite the treat for your party guests. Sold in packages of 12, our mini popsicle pencils feature strawberry, lemon or grape scented erasers. Serve up some smiles by adding this to your beach, ice cream or pool party favor bags!

Rabbit NotepadRabbit Notepad
Your little magician can pull a paper rabbit out of their hat instead of a real one! Each notepad includes 35 sheets of white rabbit shaped paper. These cute mini notes can make daily reminders easy to remember and can be used for craft projects too!

Rainbow PencilRainbow Pencil
Write with four colors at once with our rainbow pencils! Sold in packages of 12, our rainbow pencils with colored lead include red, green, blue and yellow all mixed together. Children will love creating their own spectrum of art!

Robot EraserRobot Eraser
Our friendly robots are programmed to fix your mistakes! Sold in packages of 12, our robot shaped erasers come in a variety of designs that feature a robot on one side. If only these robot party favors could do math homework too!

Robot NotepadRobot Notepad
Future robot engineers will need a place to record schematics and blueprints! Sold in packages of 12, our robot notepads have a lenticular cover that looks like the robots are moving. Each spiral pad includes 25 lined sheets of paper. Aside from writing down new inventions, these notepads can also be used for doodling and drawing.

Rock Star NotebookRock Star Notebook
Allow your rock star to write the lyrics to his or hers favorite songs in our rock star journal! Each journal features a "rock star" message on the front cover and contains 60 pages of plain white paper. Assorted colors.

Rock Star PencilRock Star Pencil
A top 10 hit can start with a sharpened pencil and some creativity! Sold in packages of 12, our neon rock pencils feature electric guitars and the words "rock star." Pair these up with a matching journal to encourage future superstars!

Skateboarding PencilSkateboarding Pencil
Add a little excitement to the school day with a pencil that rocks. Sold individually, our skateboarding pencils are metallic silver with a black and metallic red image of a skateboarder. Your party guests will love adding these to their school supplies!

Smiley Face Note PadSmiley Face Note Pad
Smiley face spiral notepads in one of 4 assorted 2-tone colors and different funny smiley face designs make great party favors. Each notepad contains approximately 30 sheets of lined paper. Assorted colors and styles, each.

Smiley Face PencilSmiley Face Pencil
Guests will grin when they see these silly smiley face pencils! Package of 10 smiley face pencils feature the classic smiley icon on a bright yellow wooden pencil.

Solid Colored NotepadsSolid Colored Notepads
Party guests will doodle, draw and jot down notes on these pocket-sized memo pads. Sold in packages of 12, these spiral-bound notepads come in a variety of primary colors, and each one contains 20 sheets of blank paper. Pair up this party favor with a theme-matching pen or pencil and your guests will take note!

Solid Metallic PencilSolid Metallic Pencil
Send your guests home with party favors they can use every day. Sold individually, our solid color pencils come in a variety of metallic colors. Your party guests will love adding these to their school supplies!

Swirl EraserSwirl Eraser
Don't let a mistake disturb your groove; erase it! Perfect for favor sets, this package of 12 totally groovy erasers comes in 4 assorted swirly psychodelic designs!

Tiger NoteTiger Note
This party favor will make your guests roar with delight! Sold individually, each round tiger notepad features a smiling orange tiger design on approximately 75 sheets of sticky paper. Coordinate this notepad with your jungle, safari or cat party.

Turtle NoteTurtle Note
When the party slows down, pass out a fabulous favor! Sold individually, each round turtle notepad features a colorful and cute turtle design on approximately 75 sheets of sticky paper. Even shy guests will come out of their shells to grab one of these goodies!

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