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Other Party Favors

Blue Bone StrawBlue Bone Straw
Make no bones about it, our "fetching" bone-shaped crazy straws are perfect for your child's puppy party! Sold in packages of 12, our blue bone straws add an entertaining flair to your child's next birthday!

Elephant StrawElephant Straw
Bring the jungle inside with this package of 12 elephant-shaped crazy straws! Our straws will have kids slurping up a safari of smiles!

Flamingo StrawFlamingo Straw
There's just something artsy about our decorative flamingo straws. Sold in packages of 12, our hot pink crazy straws will top off your child's luau or beach party. Our flamingos love taking a dip in both cool or hot beverages!

One StrawOne Straw
Now you can show everyone who comes first with our yellow no. 1 straws! Sold in packages of 12, each straw, in the shape of a number 1, provides entertainment, decoration and wacky fun to your party. Top off your child's first birthday with a little craziness!

Peace Sign StrawPeace Sign Straw
Drink to world peace and have a groovy celebration with our crazy straws! Sold in packages of 12, our straws bend in the shape of a peace sign and come in an assortment of neon colors. These decorative favors will make your party far out!

Pig StrawPig Straw
Our pink and pudgy pig straws are perfect decoration for your child's farm party! Sold in packages of 12, each pink crazy straw twists and turns in the shape of a pig. Use silly straws as favors, prizes or to add a little fun to the party table.

Pink Bone StrawPink Bone Straw
Your party pooches will love sipping punch with our pink bone straws. Sold individually, these crazy straws make drinks twist and turn in the shape of a dog bone. Decorate your child's puppy party with these or use them as favors or prizes.

Silly StrawSilly Straw
Add our colorful silly straws to any party drink and you've got yourself a fun favor! Each package of 6 silly straws comes in an assortment of colors and styles. Ages 3 and up.

Star StrawStar Straw
Kids can sip upon a star with our star straws! Sold in packages of 12, each blue crazy straw twists and turns in the shape of a star. Add these decorative silly straws to your child's rock 'n roll, space, or magic party.

Umbrella StrawsUmbrella Straws
Bendy straws and paper umbrellas have united to create the ultimate umbrella straw! Sold in packages of 25, our umbrella straws come in a variety of tropical colors and are a must for your luau, pool or beach party. Ages 3 and up.

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