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Cat Dancer Cat Charmer (Wand: 16" Length; 48" Length)Cat Dancer Cat Charmer (Wand: 16" Length; 48" Length)
A safe, interactive toy for all kittens, cats, and kids. Flexible wand with long fabric ribbon becomes an enticing target for your stalking kitty as you twirl and whirl it about. Excellent aerobic activity.

Cat Dancer Mouse in the House Cat Toy (20" L X 6" W; Electronic)Cat Dancer Mouse in the House Cat Toy (20" L X 6" W; Electronic)
Mouse in the House is an important part of any cat's toy box. Cats that are left alone too frequently can become bored, lazy and even overweight. Mouse in the House provides activity, stimulation and exercise to indoor cats left alone. Your creative programming will keep your feline friend guessing.

Cat Dancer Original Action Cat ToyCat Dancer Original Action Cat Toy
Cat Dancer Original Action Cat Toy The Action Cat Toy Spring steel wire and rolled cardboard create an irresistible lure for cats and great fun for you. It reminds your cat of its favorite things, like birds and scampering mice. Playing With Your Cat Cats are crazy about Cat Dancer because it simulates their favorite games--stalking, hunting, and chasing prey. Here are a few games where you and Cat Dancer assume the role of prey. One piece of advice--watch your cat, not your Cat Dancer. Spin- The- Cat. Lead your cat across the floor with the Cat Dancer wand. When your cat begins to run, bring the Cat Dancer around in a circle toward its tail. Continue this and your cat will spin around in circles until either exhaustion or dizziness prevails. Cat- A- Pult. Lead your cat in a straight line across the floor. Just as your cat reaches the end of the wand, flip it up and arc it through the air back to the floor where you started. With a little practice, your cat will do a backflip. With daily practice, your cat may do a backflip-half gainer with a corkscrew finish. Cat Dance. Hold the Cat Dancer just a few inches above your cat. As your cat reaches for the Cat Dancer, keep the wand just out of reach. Remain steady and your cat will stand up on its back legs and dance a bit for you.

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