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Contech Cat Training & Behavior

Contech ScatMat Clear Scat Strip  (46" L X 3" W; Clear; Strip)Contech ScatMat Clear Scat Strip (46" L X 3" W; Clear; Strip)
Contech Scat Mats - Scat Mat for Dogs and Cat Scat Mat from PETCO.com The Contech Scat Mat is a touch sensitive dog and cat repellent training pad which says no, when you can't. This scat mat for dogs training pad quickly conditions pets to avoid prohibited areas with harmless, low-power electronic pulses similar to static electricity. Place the clear flexible vinyl cat scat mat in a room entrance, on your sofa, counter top or the hood of your car. The touch sensitive pad will silently protect prohibited areas from trespassers. When the Scat Mat is touched, the battery sends small pulses to the mat for three seconds. These surprising little zaps quickly repel most animals who stay away after one or two exposures--even after the Scat Mat is removed. Veterinarian approved Scat Mat works when all else fails. Used in conjunction with your normal training techniques, and surface cleaning (as appropriate for elimination behavior changes) the Scat Mat will help you restore harmony to your household. One 9 volt battery provides approximately six months operation or 10,000 activations. Silent operation corrects unwanted behavior without disturbing other pets or people in the home. Flexible scat mat for dogs are made from P V C which contours to surfaces and rolls for storage. Startling, unpleasant static provides instant memorable deterrence by the environment rather than you, the pet owner. Adjustable Output (low, medium, high) allows appropriate deterrence sensations for varying sized pets. Train kittens at low, cats at medium, adult dogs and long haired cats on high. Two Extension mats can be connected to economically increase areas covered. Cat scat mat components clip together with snap fasteners. Easily move your Power Pack from one mat to another. Scat Mats only train pets who get onto, or into the unapproved space. Scat Mats operate unattended and correct the pet at exactly the time and location of the unwanted behavior, day or night. Action Indicator Light helps you decide when the pet is trained. It will blink a count showing how many times the mat has been stepped since it was last turned on. Why it Works Habituated behavior patterns are often correctable through simple avoidance of problem spots. When positioned where pet feet will be just before an unwanted behavior is exhibited (such as scratching, soiling, etc. ), the Scat Mat sends a strong message to the pet while it is 'thinking' about performing an undesirable act. Most pets quickly associate this unpleasant experience with the location. To avoid similar static sensations they begin to avoid the area, thus making the Contech Scat Mat an effective dog or cat repellent. Safe and Humane American and Canadian Humane Societies, the Canadian Council on Animal Welfare, and the Canadian Veterinary Medical Association have deemed Scat Mats an acceptable dog and cat repellent product for use in situations where positive reinforcement is not effective. They consider

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