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Feline Evolution Cat Seats

Feline Evolution CatSeatFeline Evolution CatSeat
Toilet train your cat and eliminate the litter box forever. The Feline Evolution Cat Seat is the next generation litter box that can toilet train your cat. This veterinarian recommended waste disposal system can be used exclusively on the floor in place of the litter box or mounted on the toilet for cats that have graduated to being toilet trained. The award-winning design allows the gradual reduction of litter away from your cat. This eliminates the tracking of dirty litter and odors throughout your house. Simply lift and toss the plastic bag for the easiest possible cleanup. If you decide to mount the Cat Seat to the toilet, then cleanup is as simple as a flush. While using the Cat Seat on the floor the litter and waste are hidden from view. Your cat is standing on dry sand-textured shelves that simulate the sensation of digging and covering. They never actually come into contact and track the small amount of soiled litter below, helping to keep your home free of odors. If you decide to completely toilet train your cat, 98% of the training is completed before you even mount the Cat Seat in place of the existing seat. It lifts and functions like a normal seat, and with the push of a button, the shelves retract for human use. The open cavity design allows for easy cleaning. It includes a C D- R O M explaining alternative methods and written instructions. The economical design of the Cat Seat requires no batteries or electricity. The mechanism is self-contained and has a one year limited warranty. Complete unit includes: One fully assembled Cat Seat White and black training tray and boxes Mounting bracket and plastic bolt sets Lid30 disposable plastic bags Complete written instructions and C D video. Function and Design: Cat Seat Size: The Cat Seat design is slightly oversized to allow a cat to easily balance. This provides older and heavier cats with a comfortable stance. It is also a perfect size for nearly all toilet fixtures. Folding Legs: The legs allow the Cat Seat to be used securely on the floor. While on the floor, 98% of the training can be completed by simply reducing the level of litter. Once the litter is reduced, you have the option to continue using the Cat Seat in place of a litter box, or to mount on the toilet and completely eliminate litter. Either way, the cat does not come into contact with the litter. Sand- Textured Shelves: The retractable shelves serve several purposes. The most important function is to allow a rough texture for a cat to dig and cover once they have finished using the Cat Seat. They also conceal the water below, which is a benefit for both cats and humans. Finally, with the shelves extended you are not using the same area on the seat as your cat. Mounting Fixture: If you opt to mount the Cat Seat to the toilet, the mounting fixture allows for easy removal of the seat. You may also mount the seat with or without the lid. Pull Cord Design: The pull cord was chosen because it allows litter to be dislodged from the mechanism. White and Black Tray

Feline Evolution CatSeat Replacement BagsFeline Evolution CatSeat Replacement Bags
Disposable replacement bags designed for use with your Cat Seat.

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