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Cat Litter & Litter Boxes
Our Pet's no Stick Litter Box Spray & Self-scooping Litter Boxes

SmartScoop No-Stick Litter Box Spray (8 fl. oz.; Catnip)SmartScoop No-Stick Litter Box Spray (8 fl. oz.; Catnip)
No- Stick Litter Box Spray helps prevent litter clumps from sticking to the sides and bottom of the litter pan, rake or scoops. No- Stick Spray leaves a lubricating film on the surface, making scooping easier. It also contains natural enzymes to break down and remove the source of odors. The food safe, water-soluble lubricant forms a thin coating to minimize waste clumps sticking to the bottom and sides of the litter box (up to 50% less scraping force required). The odor control component is activated in the presence of moisture and organic material such as is found in pet waste (urine and fecal matter). The odor-causing organic waste material is broken down and removed though natural enzymatic action. No- Stick Spray can be used on ANY litter box when it is cleaned and uses a catnip scent to encourage the cat to use the litter box.

SmartScoop Replacement Litter Box FiltersSmartScoop Replacement Litter Box Filters
Activated Carbon Filters continuously soak up odors and are easy to discard along with the filled No- Touch Waste Bag. Safe, natural and non-toxic, the filters are individually wrapped to maintain maximum effectiveness. Utilizes advanced activated carbon/zeolite technology and manufacturing for longer periods of odor control. For use with Smart Scoop Self- Scooping litter Box, sold separately.

SmartScoop Replacement Waste BagsSmartScoop Replacement Waste Bags
Smart Scoop custom-fit bags make waste disposal a breeze. Simply place No- Touch Waste Bags over the waste tray when it's full, and just toss. Seals away waste, and odors with this convenient solution. Keeps the waste collector scoop bin clean. Easy to use, simply toss or reverse bag and tie a knot for maximum odor control and clean disposal. Package contains 24 biodegradable bags. For use with Smart Scoop Self- Scooping litter Box, sold separately.

SmartScoop Self-Scooping Litter Box (Blue; Gray)SmartScoop Self-Scooping Litter Box (Blue; Gray)
Smart Scoop Self- Cleaning Litter Box - Automatic Litter Box from PETCO.com The Smart Scoop Self- Scooping Litter Box was created because we knew there was a need for a better self-cleaning litter box. We spent thousands of hours researching cat litter boxes, cat behavior, and owner needs and created an automatic litter box that is much less work and eliminates the need to touch a dirty box. Our self-cleaning litter box uses a single assembly motor unit and waste collector and includes a heavy duty and easy-to-clean large litter pan. The smart sensor triggers the activation of the cleaning cycle 15 minutes after your pet leaves the box. Plus, it works with your favorite clumping cat litter.

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