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In 1998, LEGO celebrated 25 years of building imaginations in America. ToysRus is proud to carry the complete, most-up-to-date LEGO line designed to supply endless fun and creative inspiration for children of all ages.

Alpha Team


Bob the Builder




Harry Potter




Star Wars




Lincoln Logs

Lionel, L.L.C. Great Railway Adventures
Accessories, Sets & Tracks, Vehicles
Lionel, L.L.C.

Little Bear & Maisy

Little Tikes
Little Tikes builds active and creative toys designed to stimulate children's minds and enhance their developmental skills. Most importantly, all of their innovative products are built to last so you can enjoy family fun and laughter for years to come.
Adventure Playsets, Baby Activity, Baby Toys, Cooking and Housekeeping, Arts and Crafts Easels and Art Desks, Furniture & Decor, Vanities and Jewelry boxes, Outdoor Playsets, Vanities and Jewelry boxes, Driving and Driving Accessories, Musical Instruments, Science, Dolls & Stuffed Toys, Baby Bath and Potty, Baby Dolls, Other Pretend Play, Playhouses, tunnels and inflatable play pits, Workshop Playsets, Riding Toys, Shopping and Banking, Outdoor Play & Sports, Outdoor Play & Sports, Vehicles & Playsets Aircraft, Cars, ATVs, Trucks, Buses and Motorcycles, Construction and Farming

Vehicles & Playsets Race Sets, Cars, ATVs, Trucks, Buses and Motorcycles, Adventure Playsets, Action Figures

McFarlane Toys
Action Figures Movie, TV, and Comic Book, Action Figures Military, Action Figures Other, Action Figures Science Fiction, Action Figures Sports, Furniture & Decor More, Dolls & Stuffed Toys

Mega Bloks
Action Figures Other, Blocks, Building Sets and Models, Dolls & Stuffed Toys, Animals Playsets, Blocks, Building Sets, and Models Hobby Model Kits, Adventure Playsets, Vehicles & Playsets Race Sets, Aircraft, Adventure Playsets, Pretend Play, Construction and Farming, Trains and Train Sets, Cars, ATVs, Trucks, Buses and Motorcycles Learning Toys Non-Expandable Systems, Action Figures Movie, TV, and Comic Book, Baby Toys, Blocks, Building Sets, and Models Hobby Model Kits, Games and Puzzles, Learning Toys Non-Expandable Systems, Playhouses, tunnels and inflatable play pits

MGA Entertainment
Action Figures Other, Animals Other, Dolls & Stuffed Toys Baby Dolls, Electronics Cameras and Camcorders, Electronics CD Players, Radios and Cassette Players, Electronics Clocks and Watches, Electronics Journals, Notebooks and PDAs, Electronics Karaoke, Electronics Phones, Electronics Plug 'N Play TV Games, Electronics Radios and Cassette & CD Players, Electronics TVs, DVD Players, Electronics Walkie Talkies, Furniture & Decor, Games and Puzzles, Glamour Playsets, Interactive Animals, Learning Toys Non-Expandable Systems, Other Pretend Play, Electronics PDAs, Calculators and Journals, Electronics MP3 Players, Electronics Dance Pads/Mats and DDR, Electronics Other, Electronics Security & Safety, Electronics Banks and Safes, Apparel, Backpacks and Bags Bags and Backpacks, Vehicles & Playsets Aircraft, Cars, ATVs, Trucks, Buses and Motorcycles, Stuffed Animals

Milton Bradley
Whether it's a rainy day at home or a sunny day at the beach, friends love to get together and play both classic and new games by Milton Bradley.
Games and Puzzles, Musical Instruments, DVD and VHS Other, Video Games

Monsters Inc.
Video Games & Consoles Games

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