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Pet, Breeder, and Show
Kitten/Cat Contract






Buyer Agrees to the following conditions of sale

  1. If purchased as a pet or breeder with show potential:

    1. Buyer agrees to care for this feline and any kittens resulting from the breeding of this feline in a proper manner, housing them in roomy quarters, feeding them properly, maintaining their health and freedom from parasites, and fleas, giving them a generous amount of personal attention and if purchased as a breeder, breeding them judiciously.

    2. Buyer agrees to sell all pet quality kittens with non-breeding agreements, to be altered before one year of age, with registration papers designated "not for breeding".

    3. Buyer agrees to take this feline to a licensed veterinarian for a routine immunization and checkup at least once per year.

    4. Buyer agrees to give the breeder first option to buy this cat/kitten back should a re-sale be considered. If the breeder declines to buy this feline back, the Buyer agrees to have the new owner sign a new contract identical to the terms of the original contract. A male cat/kitten cannot, under the terms of this contract, be re-sold "whole", unless otherwise agreed upon in writing (in other words, he must be neutered prior to resale).

    5. If cat/kitten is to be shipped, veterinary health certificate shall accompany said cat/kitten, as well as a baby blanket or two, and kitty toys. Kittens to be shipped will have completed two 4 way killed vaccinations.

    6. Cat/Kitten shall be released to Buyer with provisions (i.e. Royal Canin cat Food) for 3 days, coupons, when available for cat related items.

    If the above conditions are not respected, the breeder has the right to take back this cat/kitten without refund.

  2. If purchased for show, buyer agrees to show this kitten/cat in peak physical condition only, and to present this cat in the show ring perfectly groomed. Buyer also agrees to all of the conditions set forth in item number 1 of this contract.

  3. The buyer understands that he/she has a 48 hour period from the date of receipt of this cat/kitten to have it vet-checked in order to confirm a good bill-of-health. If this animal is found not to be healthy, the buyer has the right to return this cat/kitten for a full refund. A written report from a licensed veterinarian. outlining his/her findings is required in order to obtain the refund. Under no circumstances is the breeder responsible for any outcome or costs associated with veterinary treatment, without the breeder's prior approval.

  4. Seller reserves the right to change this agreement at any point in time and to refuse to sell.

Kitten Diet:
Royal Canin dry (free choice)
+ 1 Tbs canned Royal Canin/9 Lives Chicken Tuna
Adult Diet: Royal Canin dry (free choice)

Water available at all times.

    Buyer is in agreement to all terms of this contract as stated above.
_______________________________        ___________________________________
   Breeder's Signature    Date             Buyer's Signature     Date
Name:      Sue Dahlstrom               Name:
Address:   1361 Richton Rd             Address:
           Steger, Il. 60475
Phone:     (708) 756-2074              Phone:

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Contact Information:
Sue Dahlstrom

Please be advised that deposits are non-refundable.



Sue Dahlstrom
E-mail: sue @ katsation.com
Phone: 1-708-756-2074

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Katsation Himalayans New Photos - Free toys, food
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