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Here is a simple way to figure the expected due date of your queen.
Take the date of Conception (generally 2 days after the date of breeding) and:

  • Add 2 Months and 2 Days when the Month is:
    • April, May, July, or December
  • Add 2 Months and 3 Days when the Month is:
    • January, March, June, August, September, October, or November
  • Add 2 Months and 4 Days when the Month is February

Here's a Calendar for referencing.
Calculation based on the average gestational period of 63 days.


Recent Litters

Please feel free to give
Sue a call at 708-756-2074 or
email her Sue @ Katsation.com to see if any
kittens are available.
Located near Chicago, Illinois
Thank you!

All kittens are exceptionally friendly and loving.
They all have sweet dispositions and great personalities.

Sire: Cherishabul We're Going All The Way, AKA Carson

Dam: Katsation's Kashmir Lil Bit AKA Bitsy, A Tortie Point Himalayan
DOB 06/30/2020
On June 30th Bitsy and Carson blessed us with 2 beautiful LOOK OF SHOW kittens, a seal lynx point male and a seal point girl. Kittens are already playful and show signs of great personality and sweet disposition. Bitsy is being a great Mom to her new babies, just like with her first litter. She inherited her Mom's great mothering skills.
Seal Lynx Point Boy @ 6 weeks (Sold)

4 week Update; these babies are growing like weeds. They started eating Royal Canin Kitten at 3 weeks. They are learning to use their litter box this week. Very playful and loving, sweet babies!
August 1, 2020
Seal Lynx Point Male (Sold)
Seal Point Female - Sold

Seal Point Girl @ 4 weeks (Sold)

Seal Lynx Point Boy @ 4 weeks (Sold)

Together @ 4 weeks

Together @ 2 weeks

Please feel free to give
Sue a call at 708-756-2074 or
email her Sue @ Katsation.com to see if any
kittens are available.
Located near Chicago, Illinois
Thank you!


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Saturday the 26 of September 2019
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Phone: 708-756-2074 or email her Sue @ Katsation.com
Located near Chicago, Illinois
Katsation believes that kittens should stay with their mothers as long as neccessary. This may mean 12-14 weeks.
Please see this article for more information: How Young is Too Young?
How old should a kitten be when it goes to a new home?
by Barbara C. French

Saturday the 26 of September 2019

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For kittens being shipped, if payment is made by check, please mail check 4 weeks prior to expected ship date, if paying balance by western union or paypal (add 3% for paypal) please pay balance one week before expected ship date.


See Also:
Katsation's Buyer/Seller Agreement - For lots of great links to helpful materials.


Sue Dahlstrom
E-mail: sue @ katsation.com
Phone: 1-708-756-2074

Congratulations Aljona

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Katsation Himalayans New Photos - Free toys, food
samples and "kitty go home" blanket with the purchase of a Kitten!

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