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Cat Breeders Links

Cat Related Links

CFA - The Cat Fanciers' Association
ACFA - The American Cat Fancier's Association
Cat Fanciers Web Site - General Information about cats and cat care, Breed descriptions, Shows, Clubs, Veterinary Medicene documents and resources, and much more.
Cat Connect - Another Comprehensive List of Cat Breeders Worldwide
World of Cats - Breeders UnitedWorld of Cats - Breeders United - Free referral listings, Will soon have a Grand Parade Section with A Section for Regional and International Winners, to promote your breeding and your cattery.
ABYman's CATHOUSE - Breed Pictures & Profiles, Cat Clubs, Show Information, Cat Stuff, Funny Pictures, Poems, Health, Grooming, Travel Advice...Etc.
Amby's Cat LinksAmby's Cat Information - Provides organized, annotated links to General Cat Care, Behavior, Training, Health, Organizations, Publications, Pictures, Humor, GIFs, Declawing resources, Medical, ethical, and behavioral issues, Training & Nail Trimming Instructions, Construction Instructions, do-it-yourself cat tree, Plants Toxic to Cats, Feral Cat Information, Animal Friends Online..etc.
The Atlantic Himalayan Club - and Cat Tracks Magazine
The Cat Breeders Exchange - Another comprehensive list of Cat Breeders on the web.
Cats United - Another List of Cat Breeders
Cattery Row
Catnip cat tree catalogue
Crazy Girl's Home Page
Dr. Cookie - Dr. Stefanie Schwartz, veterinarian and veterinary behavior consultant for almost 15 years, is now available on the Internet to offer guidance and support to bewildered, frustrated & outraged pet owners.
E-Cards - Every card sent (during periods that the site has an advertising sponsor) results in a donation to the World Wildlife Fund.
El Sham's Kitten Developement Calendar
Elvessa's Tonkinese - promotes responsible breeding, pet ownership, lots of TICA information can be found here.
FAB - Feline Advisory Board
Feline WWW - A Wonderful Source of Information
Kit's Place
Catlovers at Mining Co.
Miru's Homebasket
Molly The Cat's Homepage - Another Great Personal Kitty Page
More Than Words - All Sorts Of Things To Explore Here
Nerdworld-Cats - A list of cat related sites
Panther's List of Cat Links
Pawprints and Purrs
Pet Tribune: For Florida Pet Owners
Pib's List of Cat Links
Red Cream & Tortoiseshell Cat Society - British Shorthair s & Persians kept by RCT Society RCT Society
Sweetkittie, Cats, Crime, and More!
World Wide Willy - A World Wide Assortment Of Kitty Type Things To Do
Yahoo Search Cats
Cat Vigil Bali Online
Bali Online:
The Ultimate Source of Bali Info.

also not cat related
Cat FaeriesCat Faeries:
A cat-alog
and lots
of links
To Cat Sites

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